System integration

System integration is a set of services for the creation and maintenance of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure that is effective, from the point of view of interaction between the information systems used.

Integration solutions are focused on the organization of information support for the implementation of business tasks facing the institution, providing transparency, consistency and reliability of the interaction of heterogeneous applied information systems working within a single business process.

The experience of Kepil Pikir Company shows that many companies are faced with problems caused by a spontaneously developed IT architecture, which is characterized by a chaotic set of IT systems that are interconnected in various, often not standardized ways, usually poorly documented. Often, all the information on these relationships is stored only in the memory of the employees of the IT department, which is a significant limitation and risk factor for the development of the organization.

Projects to create integration solutions help enterprises improve IT infrastructure and achieve the effectiveness of the interaction of the information systems used.

As a result, the organization receives all the benefits of a service-oriented architecture:

  • Reducing the time, complexity, and therefore the cost of introducing new systems;
  • Optimization of expenses for the acquisition of user licenses for application systems;
  • Simplicity, convenience and employee access control to information from various systems;
  • The possibility of real management of "end-to-end" (affecting various systems) business processes;
  • Orderliness, and consequently, the reduction in the cost of maintaining the enterprise’s IT architecture:
  • Managed Infrastructure Development;
  • Reducing technological and organizational risks.

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