About Us

Our company was established in April 2013 and was created by a team of managers for whom the direction of Information Technologies was not chosen by chance. We understood that information technology is the future, and soon no company that wants to work successfully will be able to do without new solutions in the management and automation of IT. From the very foundation of the company, we have made every effort to provide quality services, attract qualified specialists, and train staff.

Economical society(ES) Kepil Pikir has professional relations in the Turkmen Information Technologies market and specializes in solving System Integration problems. ES Kepil Pikir unites certified specialists with extensive experience in various IT fields who are used to solving non-standard tasks with maximum efficiency.

Satisfying the business needs of the customer is the main priority of our company when developing and integrating of infrastructures and information systems. Introduction of a new system is justified only if it allows the customer’s company to work more efficiently, systematically, efficiently.

State-of-the-art IT solutions offer a wide selection of tools for solving the current and strategic tasks of the company, and at the same time they maximize the use of available IT resources.

High efficiency of solutions is provided by an integrated approach to design and deep integration of components of information systems and infrastructures.

Savings in customer’s time and financial resources are achieved through a strategic approach to solving complex problems, clear planning, consolidation of efforts of the units responsible for different areas of the project, high professionalism and personal responsibility of each of the participants, as well as maximizing the use of the capabilities of each of the products in project.

A full range of IT services, including customer support, allows our regular customers not to look for new venues each time to solve the problems, but to contact Kepil Pikir directly and get a guaranteed result every time.