Auditing and optimization


Sooner or later, a growing organization is faced with the fact that the existing information system, built on the basis of distinct applications from different developers becomes inefficient. This happens for a variety of reasons, for the subsequent optimization of the IT infrastructure or Information Systems of the company, these reasons must be identified.

Auditing goals

Kepil Pikir specialists conduct a comprehensive analysis based on international standards for information management systems(COBIT, ITIL / ITSM, MOF) of corporate systems and infrastructures, as well as individual applications, security policies and other IT components. This helps us identify:

  • Bottlenecks” in IT infrastructure;
  • The presence of outdated or inoperative software or hardware;
  • Causes of failures and conflicts in the operation of applications and equipment;
  • Sources of unjustified IT costs;
  • Inconsistency of business processes and interaction schemes of subdivisions, reflected in the corporate information system, with the real state of things.

In addition, an audit is necessary for the preparation of technical documentation and data collection before the re-organization of the corporate system.

Audit Results

Based on the results of the audit, we can recommend the customer the optimization of information systems and infrastructure elements, which include:

  • Carrying out maintenance work or re-configuring equipment and software applications;
  • Building or restructuring infrastructure;
  • Introduction of new information systems;
  • Software version upgrades;
  • Removing old software and hardware components with the transfer of their functions to other software and hardware.

How often do you need to conduct an audit?

Ideally, an audit of the information system and routine maintenance should be carried out regularly (for example, once a quarter or once a year), without waiting for a visible decrease in the efficiency of IT applications. A systematic check of the health of the information system will help in time to identify and eliminate many problems and malfunctions that may not be visible to ordinary users, but in the future they could possibly cause serious malfunctions in the company’s work, permanent loss or data leaks, and consequently financial losses.

Audit of information systems can be included in the service program of your company.

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